Which is Greater?

The street corner orator reached a crescendo by declaring, “When, oh when I say, is man more god-like than when passing righteous and indignant judgment?”  And a fellow in the crowd gripped his head, stepped aside and said, “Owww, I just don’t wanna think about it.”


At a City soiree, I met a young chap who claims for illustrious ancestors famous people who haven’t been born yet…who’s to complain?  (It’s thought by some that genetics will “speak for themselves,” while others hold to the view of, “Huh?")


Math question of the day:

Which is greater? 
The number of thoughts,
or the number of people
thinking them?


And still another member of our vast viewing audience writes as follows:

“Dear Sir:  Have you ever considered putting out sort of, ‘watered-down,’ maybe even, ‘simplified versions,’ of your Daily News so as to give us ordinary folks a fighting chance of getting something out of them?”  (And my imaginary reply:  “Dear Viewer:  What are you…trying to be a smart-ass or something?”)


Death is not the final indignity
so long as there’s any chance
someone will do a biography of you.