5D Cows on a 4D Farm

A chap who resides in the City became so engrossed in himself, that he saw only two possible ways out.

You can’t call 5-D cows
home on a 4-D farm.

Off a musing to himself, this thought overtook one guy’s mind, “Once you become TRULY civilized about the most fun you can have is paying somebody else to do something while you watch.”  (An ad hoc coalition of three other realities, say they have no intention whatsoever of considering how this could apply to the thinking process of their creatures.)


Okay, a way for the Revolutionist – (who else could it be?) – to tell if he is “Thinking more than he has to,” is that it’s then only he who can make himself feel guilty, mad or embarrassed.


The arts are criticism in action;
criticism is criticism in word.