Don't Think About Thursdays

If you try to explain why you like something, just remember this -- you could still like it more than you do now.


One of the creatures claims that someone keeps "whispering naughty stuff in his ear"; he admits to living alone, but says that doesn't matter.


One guy has an attitude, (says he), "I don't think about Thursdays."  He has a second attitude, "Today is Friday."  (Additional fashion tip:  If you plan to become intellectually famous in the City – ignore the above.)


After several natural disasters, and with several more pending, the townspeople all gathered while their priests performed their mysterious rituals to ward off the danger; one citizen noticed a man beside him who seemed seized with fear, and in an attempt to reassure him, said, "Don't be afraid, friend; these religious men know what they're doing," and the fellow replied, "I am one of those 'religious' men myself, and I know what they're doing."


Out near a brook, wearing his royal tights and vest, a smart ass prince declared, "Only a fool dies for honor," and his salaried tutor assured, "Yes, Your Regency, and only a fool has any honor" (and to himself added, "I should know").