Write It Down

While the recent unrest continued, the king looked down on a crowd from a high palace window and saw a sign being waved that said, "You Can't Jail The Truth."  He asked his Prime Minister, "Is that true?" and he replied, "I'm afraid so, Your Grace."  The next day another sign arose from the mob that read, "You Can't Jail Justice."  The king asked, "Is that also true?" and the P.M. answered, "Yes it is, My Lord."  Then the king stood and announced, "Well then, we can sure as hell jail the guy painting those signs." (Moral: In monarchies you don't need morals – just good sense.)

When it comes to neural matters familial – an ole man without a kid ain't an ole man.  (You can vice-the-versey for yourself.)

There are several forms
of the past,
and not a one of them
is all that appealing.

One god told one of his realities, “Stretch out the epilogue:  I don’t have a beginning for the new stuff.”

Instead of actually
having thoughts,
this one man would
write them down.