Friday Buzz

Asked one recently well read kid, "Pop, if time makes memories sweeter, and distance only deepens love, then what salubrious effects may one expect from the off-site operation of one's mind?"


The latest buzz over at the horseshoe pitching pits in the park, is the rumor that the squirrels have started an apprentice program for certain vegetables.  (That is, of course, the reason why, in some places, leaners count more than ringers. "Fore – playin' through, playin' through; Five – hey watch it, proppin' 'em up, out'a da way, proppin' 'em up.")



If you think that was tricky, ruminate on this:  It costs more – can you believe it – it costs more to get well, than it does to die.


One reader wrote
a note to himself and said,
"Let this be a lesson to you."