Every House is Amateur Hour

One guy who’d been there said, “If being king’s ‘no big deal,’ at least it’s no great hardship, either.”


One elder creature told his younger version that “every penny counts.”  He told the kid this many times over.  One day, the lad spoke up and said, “You keep telling me that ‘every penny counts,’ but why don’t you go ahead and give me all of it and say, ‘Every penny counts, but they don’t count for much’?”  The ole man replied, “Well now, if I told you everything about everything today, what would I have to tell you about tomorrow?”  The sapling thought on this, and thought on it some more, ‘til he said, “Aw, some on, this is another of your ‘ole-man-jokes’ – right?”


(“Show biz aside”), this one man says he now understands that every hour is “Amateur Hour.”


Another reader keeps writing to me requesting that I meet with him so’s he can apprise me of his particular notions of the backstage workings of city life; in his letters he refers to these ideas as the “Great Structure of ICM – Intrigues, Conspiracies and Machinations.”  (In his latest note, he expresses his surprise over how pressed I must be for time.)


Then, as times got better, this one god got himself a little summer place – in a new location in his creatures’ nervous systems.