Pop Quiz

In life,
many things are similar
that only sound so.


When the kid was two hours old, the ole man picked him up and said, “Son, don’t ever go looking for trouble,” and the gurgling one thought, “Now you tell me.”


In most universes there are certain roadway motels, and overnight cottages wherein you can pass a sunrise being just as angry as you like.


As things turned out, some of the latecomers couldn’t tell they’d come late.  (A fellow wrote the other day to say that if it weren’t for the word “some,” we’d all be many,” and from there it would be just a small step to us all being us all.)


Revolutionist pop quiz:

Can mind become more bountiful than that which it perceives?
Can thought be greater beauty than that which gives it breath? 

(As a hint, and for future reference, you might care to note that the answer to almost all revolutionist questions is either “I know what you mean,” or “I couldn’t agree with you more.”)