Costumed (Holiday Edition)

One guy had a different attitude for every day of the week.  This didn’t give him much time for anything else – but he didn’t care – ‘cause that was his attitude already for Monday.


The minds of men are given to dreams of conspiracy for two quite solid reasons: Because there are two conspiracies – a true conspiracy and a false one – and each feeds off the other to the benefit of all.


Whenever he wanted to see one of his particular creatures, this one god would send word several days in advance.  But when he discovered that the creature involved spent every available minute thinking over and discussing the question, “What does god want see me about?” the big guy stopped actually ever meeting with any of his underlings and just settled for notifying them that he wanted to.  (He says the original purpose is still being served.)


Then there was this guy
who says it’s so much fun
being himself that he
can’t understand
why he waited so long.