Prior to This...

The king called all the people together in the town square and announced, “I have decided I want to be the greatest king alive, and to accomplish this, I’m sure you understand, I will have to have most of you killed."

One rebel insists
that prior to this
there WAS no this.

(Publisher’s Note):
We in the Editorial Department cannot decide whether the following either:  Needs to sound more like a metaphor, is a metaphor, is not a metaphor, or even a fourth possibility that none of us feel brave enough to tackle; we thus simply pass it along with no comment at all – except of course the one we just made, which you may either ignore, or take as a metaphor.

One guy said, “What I seek is someone with whom to dance who will treat my mind like a precious musical instrument.”  And his inner partner inquired, “But are you looking for a violinist or a fiddle player?”