Sissy Brain

Within a species, if one creature can do something his neighbor can’t, one of them will feel guilty.  (I would appreciate it if you waltz-time listeners didn’t now write me asking whether this has any possible application beyond the borders of zoology, and small engine repair.)


To a sissy brain
normal liver noises
can seem like the sound
of gun fire in the distance.


Okay, another view around the same scenery: First, let’s just say that there IS such a thing as what ordinary men call, “The Truth”.  If you actually “saw” it, two things would occur:  One is that you wouldn’t care whether anyone else saw it or not, and two, you wouldn’t care whether anyone believed YOU had or not.


In conversation, this one chap insisted on comparing himself with Rembrandt; when in practice his style was much closer to that of Beethoven.


To the arty eye of the revolutionist, it is only the OUTLINE of the thing sketched that is of importance.  (Or, as one reality’s uncle said, “The left-overs are where it’s at!”)