Feeling Poorly

One of the king’s generals, whose every action brought fresh meaning to such words as “fastidious” and “crisply-correct,” sent word back to rear Field Command:  “We are suffering low, over-head attacks from their low over-headers.”


For his singular most auspicious birthday, the kid requested but one present – that the ole man tell him how he knew all the stuff he knew, and his father said, “Son, if you knew that, you wouldn’t have to know.”


One guy had a little illness.  It didn’t amount to much, but he was able to drag it out for a whole lifetime.


The word “some” has more battle ribbons, medals and body guards than a truckload of fancy dictators.


There was this one guy who didn’t have a train that they could run out over the horizon, turn around, and bring back as a new one, so they used his brain instead – Hey, say, is this supposed to be a joke or something?