While No One was Looking

Now, our “Fable For The Day” (the real name of it is “The Kind Of Tale You Never Wanted To Hear About Again” but no matter – or at least, very little matter, here it is): 

One day, the king let the smartest man in the land be king for a day; after that, he was never the smartest man in the land.  (“Appendage Not To Be Confused With A Moral”:  Could the king have known something that no one else knew, or is it that what old rulers know, no one else wants to know?  Is that a question or what!  Well, at least it’s not a moral.)

Seditious Maxim For De Day:
“Feed a father,
tarve a child.” 
Do note, I reversed this
or the sake
of alliterated sound.)


While no one was looking,
this one guy was looking. 


One of the park’s younger philosophers puts it thusly: "If human reality were of any real consequence, we’d all be in the soup.”


How about this, neural sports fans:
A team that has no home town
an play just a dirty as they please.


The mayor of one city recently stated, “I do not see how long we can wait for the private sector to make note and take action; thus it seems incumbent on the public authorities to have the people realize that a man who can be upset at the least little thing is then inclined to let the least little thing upset him.”