Note & Report

One guy says that, as soon as he awakes in the morning, he goes ahead and has his first thought of the day – “Just to get that crap out of the way.”



It is difficult to ever be super-sane without first being sane; for a revolutionist – impossible.



The man strode directly to the head librarian’s desk and said, “For the sake of efficiency for the next readers, I have turned down the edges of all the pages that contain nothing of significance.”  (His fine for book damages ran well into the millions.)



Man’s job,
in the secondary world,
is to note and report.



One fellow ran through the streets crying, “Let boiling oil rain!”  The people couldn’t tell if he meant reign – r.e.i.g.n or r.a.i.n., so they didn’t know whether to vote for him or run for cover.