Believe This?

One man was so enamored of his words that he refused to let his writings be revised, even after he died.



Proverbial update, supplement seven:

Personal anecdotes are the opium of the masses.
(Or, scientific variation):
Personal anecdotes are two hundred and twenty neural volts brought low.



Staying truly abreast of civilization, this one king sent word to his defense ministry that wBehenever a new opposition group tried to form, they should immediately find out what the faction called themselves, and that thenceforth they should always be referred to with their name in quotation marks.  (In the city, there are cheaper means of disposal than bullets.)



He walked back home,
but to no profit.



Disappearing always produces aftershocks, but no one is there to see them.



Then a guy, standing just a the edge of things, said, “If you believe this, you’ll believe anything.”  (Which sort of puts a wrap on it.)