Higher Education

One king subjected the people to all of his OWN ills, which IS the difference between the Ruler and the ruled.  (Undated, Unrelated Corollary, no number given):   Just because, in a verbal sense, you “get something,” doesn’t always mean there was anything To get.  (This Corollary has no Operational pertinence to Those Who Know Better.)



In a vigorous universe
could a plagiarist
ever experience delight?



Right in the midst of the festivities, he stopped the music and loudly announced, “Were it not for my mind I wouldn’t even BE here today,” and his friends fell back in mock AND real surprise.



One guy was
too embarrassed to ask.



At the back door, as he would depart for further education, each morning would stand the ole man who would tell the kid, “Adjectives are for fools, and adverbs are for idiots.”