Cross Town Bus

Few warriors write readable memoirs…ever wonder why?  Might you ever wonder WHAT this may have to do with your own private, inner nervous-system history of literature and warfare?



The best thing
about not being able
to “go back home,”
is not being able
to go back home.



Spaketh one guy, “What good IS fun if you have to plan for it?”  (He expected a more insightful response from his inner friends, but it was hard to hear over all the noise.  Two months later he tried the same question, but this time substituted the word “serious” for “fun.”)



As an experiment, one god started him another new reality based entirely on the word “maybe.”


.That particular city philosopher who frequents the number Fourteen, cross-town bus, last time I rode whispered to a lady with a bag this message, “An extremely long journey should NEVER be commenced a the very beginning…won’t be sufficient time, not enough time.”  (Many riders deplaned at the next stop.)