Dangerously Outdated

One rebel leader had this to say, “One of the sumptuous joys of this struggle, unknown and untasted by those not so involved, is in bringing down the old, for only the revolutionists come to realize the danger of those things even the least out-dated.”



One guy’s name
was so terrifying,
even he didn’t wanna
say it.



Each and every morning, after shaving his face, cleaning out his ears, wiping out his eyes, brushing his teeth and blowing his nose, this one man would stare ominously at himself in the mirror, focusing his glare toward his frontal lobes, and in a dawn-shattering voice demand, “Okay – what’s next?”



Combination Medical And Engineering Update For This Reality: (Which by the by, includes some of you, I believe):  Life is so streamlined and efficient that things go well even when things don’t GO well.