Phone Home

One guy’s partner was also someone else’s partner – but wait, EVERYBODY’s partner is someone else’s partner too, and, oh yeah, this “someone else” is the same for everybody.



A gentleman who says he NEVER reads the Daily News, (and says he didn’t even know we HAD one, at that), writes in to state that from now on, whenever he wants to use a particular word he’s going to spell it any damn way he likes, AND, he says if we don’t like it, we can go, “Straight to heel.”



While the myths of some dimensional realities say that the forces of good will suffer ultimate defeat by the forces of ill, the greater telling of such tales would be to note that the love of habit will inevitably fall to the needs of change.



One ole man said that he thought so highly of his kid that he never GAVE him any advice.  (Query:  Can the power of the solitary complement the vigor of silence?)



At his birthday celebration, in his annual address to the people, the king said these words, “The times change, and we change with them, for we ARE the times.  Without man there is nothing.”



At a deeper level,
it’s not NECESSARY
to call home.