Holiday Edition

The overnight, city delivery service brought a holiday package which turned out to contain only a note from a gent which is his claim that HE wrote all of the works generally attributed to Yeats.  He says not to ask him to “prove it,” he says make William Butler prove he DIDN’T.



At those odd times when his creatures would try and be nice to him, this one god would scoff and say, “You’re bluffing.”



One guy
would only exercise
when he wasn’t looking.



One home-fried father’s passionate advice to his genetic namesake was thusly shared, “Son, don’t ever say a sentence that came from out of town.”



The guy who won this year’s “Guy Of The City Award,” did so in part through his essay which said, “I measure not my progress by meters of advancement, but rather by degrees of survival.



According to the latest,
AND best evidence…