Two Eyes Only

Those who see
with two eyes only,
only see
in two directions.



One of the city’s surly scholars up and said, “Routine human thought is inaccurate descriptions of incomplete affairs in an incomprehensible universe.”


After hearing some of the village kids and wildlife shout it about, this one king was just dying to say to someone, “Hey, don’t jerk me around,” but alas, who did he have to say it to?  (Now that I’ve pointed it all out, His Grace wants me to add that he says – “Alas, hell!”)



The reality of the new stuff I tell you now,a will be day-after-tomorrow’s yesterday.



Another readaer (gender unknown) writes to ask why “Men of good looks seldom write books?”



In one certain kingdom they will let no one ascend to the throne who has ever seen themselves naked.