Defining Moment


For a new intellect:

Anything that can
be completely defined
may be completely ignored.



From a non-tangible revolutionist’s manual, smuggled in from another reality, are these words:  “When you know what you’re doing good enough, you don’t really have to know what you’re doing.”



The mortal concepts of a god are this: Force made dimensional.



For it to live,
for it to grow,
everything entangles
itself with itself.



In the earliest days of becoming civilized, when he realized that he had to compete with creatures who were larger, stronger and more swift than him, man began to call on higher powers for help – hebegan to call on his own brain.

(May I tell you about this one other chap who had it, in part, down pat – for, whenever someone would ask him if he was really as dumb as he sometimes seemed, he would calmly reply, “No thanks, I’m driving.”)