Leap Day Tremors

Nothing “out there”
proves anything “in here”


Over near the northern kerosene fields
living in a trailer, is a man
who carries with him at all times
a life size copy of the letter “N.”


A certain professor over in the City university’s Philosophy Department, gives his latest thinking as follows:  “There are at least five different ways to interpret these five views,” and he says the only real question remaining is – “Will I get tenure on the basis of such a cockamamie theory?”


Humor remains
the underground tremors
from polarized explosions.


“You know kid” (said a voice I’m going to identify as “the ole man” but which by now you can guess otherwise on your own), “If the one thing that distinguishes us from these other living creatures here – our thinking - doesn’t give you singular, distinguishing pleasure, then I’m afraid we both 'missed the boat,' bus, plane, and last train to Clarksville.”