Monday Mirrors

One kid proudly handed to his old man his latest literary grunt-stopper it was entitled, “The Rhyme Of The Ancient Marinater.”  And its opening lines were as follows:  “If it weren’t for my split brain I could not walk, or even hold a fork.  If it weren’t for me split brain I could not see to even talk in the dark.”  (It was about here that his father left the room.)


One man refused to
“recognize his inferiors,”
which proved to be
no difficult task.


It is strikingly unlikely
you can live in the City
without believing that
mirrors take sides.

The more you lived
a long time ago
the more acceptable it is
to have a silly name
and talk funny.

One humid day, while tossing back a few with his brother-in-law, a leading figure of one planet’s religion was asked if he “really believed” in all the silly ritualsand ideas he represented, and he replied, “No, not really, but life’s such a big scam anyway I figure – why not be conned by the best.”