The Doppler Effect

One fine day the fine king announced, “All must die, and all must pay, but not necessarily in that sequence.”  And out in the populace, one guy asked his cousin, “Who put him in charge?” 
“HE did.”


“Take note, me laddie,” advised the City wise father, “In poetic and transcendental discussions, when your insight runs out – make reference to your religion.”


And the mails bring us yet another written missile; this one from a gent who says that some of my more recent comments suddenly reminded him of an episode some years back that he thinks might now prove enlightening.  He says there was a guy in their town, who one day abruptly asked, “What am I doing in your town?”


The Ministry Of Contemporary Smartness
issued is annual statement in these six words,
“We can’t be certain, of course.”


If you hide out long enough
a kind of neural Doppler Effect
can kick in.