The Answer


Just before it’s time
for you to go,
Life puts on lipstick.


On a particular fact-based planet the weatherman on the Neural Network predicted as follows: “Present conditions, followed by other conditions.”

One guy became so adamant
in his refusal to respond
that they all began
to laugh at him.


And now for the Triple-X “adult crows” (and you know who you are – if not why), the stripped version of an old favorite:  The answer to anything is the answer to everything.


Any time you say something in the City, always explain what you meant; (this will decrease the possibility of you being drafted, or sent off on a bus trip.)


Oh, okay, so as to not leave the little “big time kiddies” totally out of the fun we’ll run the R rated version by you real quick:  The answer to anything is the answer to everything else.  (Now everyone be sure your raincoats are completely closed, and leave the theatre in orderly fashion.)