Wrong Side of the Argument

You can argue over facts,
but not acts shorn of same.


Some people’s progress could be noted as them having gone from “that which is immoral," to “that which is illegal,” while with other groups it would be better measured as observing that when they would no longer abide by “that which is illegal,” they moved on to the concept of “that which is immoral”…but, no matter WHICH way you cut it...


When his scheduled brain surgery resulted in the removal of his bladder, this one guy reflected deeply into himself and said, “So – it’s come to THIS, has it."


With that near super-human effort it requires to whine in that ultra-human fashion, one chaffed chap bemoaned, “I don’t ask much of life.”  And Life, lying nearby on a chaste, if not virginal lounge, hearing this cooed, “Why we’re just going to get along beautifully.”


The king strode out on his little private balcony, (you know – the one up there…yeah, right up there), his hands clasped regally behind his royal back.  He serenely surveyed his busy kingdom and remarked, “Ah, ‘tis a comforting – nay, exhilarating sight to see the dumb all in a lump.”

(There are those who say that the “people” have yet to be heard from; there are those whose knowledge of genetic history is quite limited.)