Good News

The Good News Of The Day:

“From human minds
come human conclusions.”

(Perhaps I misread the opening…)


The mails brought a communiqué from a reader who says that after careful review of all my references to City People, Neural Revolutionists, gods, kings, ole' men and kids, and the like, that he’s damn-well convinced that they are all in some way “allegorical,” and not to be taken seriously; he goes on to say that he even has serious doubts regarding the authenticity of the so-called “Letters From Viewers” that I periodically read, and concludes his broadside by saying that IF this subterfuge – if not downright conspiracy – goes as deep as he suspects, that I even made up his letter also.


There are several ways to approach living:

One way is to try and always think about what you’re going to do, before you do it; another is to try and not think about what you’re going to do, before you do it; and still another is to do neither of the first two with any specificity…(this is presently the most popular course).


In his own secret way
a Revolutionist would be
insulted to be asked,
“How ya doin’?”


While waiting for the light to change, a chap rushed up to me and whispered, “It would appear that my lot in life is to HAVE no lot.”