The Snort Report

Every morning, this one king demanded that he be brought the daily Snort Report; no one knew what it was, but him being king and all, they brought it to him anyway.


One of the hectoring habitués of the speaker’s area of the park recently proclaimed to those fortunate enough to then be passing – “So long as nature provides pools of reflecting water, what need have we of villains.”  (Some of those who passed by at that time said they considered themselves less fortunate than others who did.)


One god decided to mingle
amongst his people incognito;
he quickly lost interest after
no one recognized him.


There are old worlds
to live in, and new ones –
(and you don’t have to choose).


(Oh god – not another “Pretend Quiz” – yes, by god, another one!):

There are those who know, there are those who don’t know, and there are those who figure they don’t know and are pretty pissed thereby – now guess which ones talk the loudest.  (Not much of a challenge, huh!)