Off the Fairway

Whenever he was about to say something he knew he wouldn’t like, this one fellow would begin with these words, “Once, long ago and far, far away…”


Looking up from his lower position in the abstract food chain, the young twig said, “Pop, when I grow up I wanna be a ‘helpless romantic.’”  The elderberry replied, “Kid, you’re half way home.”  (And off in the distical, Mystical Forest, (some five or four miles away), many of the elves, fairies, trolls and beret brokers were signing up for unemployment benefits.)


Children want to work on their soul;
Adults, on their position;

The independent minded,
on their neural back-swing.

(An “Off The Fairway” Tip:
It always helps to "keep you head down" –
if it doesn’t make any difference
whether you keep it up or not.)


Whilst engaged in a spring sewer beautification project downtown, a construction crew unearthed part of a large boulder upon which City Hall was erected; and on this gigantic stone, inscribed in a language no one understand are these words, “Ye Shall Know The Facts And From There On Out Feel Guilty.”


One king got so hip
that he disappeared
in the crowd.


The World of Facts:

Where nothing can be explained,
thus everything MUST be.

(Hey, why not?  It all ends up
costing the same anyway.)