It's Friday

A tug at his sleeve indicated another query could be on its way, and sure enough the kid inquired, “Dear Pa Pa, why is it so difficult to spot great men while they’re alive?”  And the ole man’s mind immediately began to wander,  to drift back in time to a day when he was the lad’s age, laying on warm, tropical traffic island, gazing at the clouds and he had wondered why it was that so few people attempt to IMITATE the great while they live.  (“Like father, like son,” may explain a lot, but not this, I fear.)


When asked about
his apparently unjustified
“high spirits”...


“Always remember,” advised one synthesized voice over the loudspeakers, “Caution and chastity both begin with the same letter.”  “And,” added the P.A.’s partner, “So do bravery and bratwurst.”


One guy says he’s gonna pay somebody else to think for him…but he says not to worry, he won’t hire anyone smarter than he is.


The nice lad who showed you
to your seat
is also the guard who will
later bring you water.