From the Wednesday Closet

Into the mirror he looked, and said he purposefully surrounded himself with those he couldn’t depend on…(he adds this is “purposefully” in that he has no alternative...)


If many things DIDN’T appear to be more than they actually are, to tell you the truth, many of them wouldn’t even be up to the pitiful little level they are.


Finding his attempts to engage the Revolutionist in routine conversation fairly futile, the man finally exclaimed, “Hey, don’t you care what I think of you?”  And the silent subversive thought, “Hell, I don’t hardly care what I think of me.”


The “cause” of most stuff
remains suspect.
(In the closet
it is impossible
to tell WHO
passed the last gas.)


There was this one performer who was SO strong he continued to make records even after he died; (his name was, "Facts," and his band was called, "Civilization").