Guess Again

One god (over in another kind of reality) told his creatures to call him Turd Face, “Just,” he said, “to help keep them humble.”  One little being said to another, “I believe he meant to say to keep HIM humble,” and the Big Guy hearing this (as Big Guys are wont to do) cried out, “A lesson-in-humbleness – just in time, somebody’s already trying to second guess me.”


When you must explain and justify
what you’ve just done
you’ve become the advertiser
AND consumer.


The crowd in the eastern stands sent up the cheer, “Yea, Yea It’s DNA!”  While across the field they shouted, “Oh No, It’s In The Flow!”  (There will be entertainment at half time if a healthy watch can be located in such an environment.)


Victory over the weak is the norm, hence the extraordinary triumphs go unreported – (at least in the local neural papers).


In an unrelated item in the Metro Section of today’s paper, is the quote from a man arrested near the university park for disruptive behavior, who was yelling, and snorting, “Ha!  -- ANY body can kick a ‘bad’ idea’s ass…”