Fight of the Century

On real special occasions on this one world, their god would announce that for the duration of that day, no one had to know what they were doing.  (I trust we have progressed beyond the point where you would now expect me to make some sardonic “after-comment” regarding the difficulty of getting a visa there on these occasions.)


On this certain world,
one man’s gain
is everybody’s loss.


The “heart break” (as the news reports later referred to it) of the whole episode was that, after they had forcibly pried his fingers from the ledge, they discovered the ledge was his.


One guy’s approach
was to take no approach.


The revolutionist’s “Fight Of The Century” might be described as: You (and your up-start, mutant neurons) vs The Never-Before-Defeated Hormones…(well, at least never PUBLICLY whipped.)