Good Morning Miss Jones

As a year-end gift to all his clients and friends, one of those park philosophers offered this annual wrap-up (says he):  “The first bite is always the best; the first bite is always the bitterest; the first bite is always the easiest; the first bite is always the most difficult, and the first bite is always what it seems to be, and nothing at all like one expected.”  (Based on the visible response of his audience, he later told me confidentially that he hopes next year comes a little later next year.)


Never underestimate
the power of a paradox.


Over in another reality, its god referred to everything other than himself as, "Miss Jones," and first thing every universal morning, he’d light a dark panatela, prop his feet up on his desk and say, “Miss Jones – take a letter…”


One guy’s explanation is that
he’s saving his best thoughts
for later...


Most gods have little pet names for their creations – and they sure as hell don’t want you to know about ‘em.