Smart Parents

The difference abut “knowing about something” and being able to “think about it” is in the understanding that metaphors are all played out in advance.

Facts can be offensive –
not acts.

(Exemplary Verse:
Insults are offensive –
murders not…got it?)

A guy says, “I no longer want to live in my neighborhood,” and another guy asks, “Why don’t you move?” The first guy replies, “I can’t – you don’t know where I live.” And the second guy responds, “Yes, I do, you live on 4th Street.” “No,” says the guy, “You don’t know where I really live – I can’t move.”


A mind that can conceive of true independent action is receiving the city station loud and clear.


Smart parents
adopt dumb kids.

(Narrator’s Note: If you understand the above you’re too smart to be a parent.)