You're Getting Warm Wednesday

“Getting warm” is half the trick;
“STAYING warm” is the second part,
and avoiding the fuel bill is, of course,
the remainder.


“After watching the Daily News for a while,” begins the letter, “I feel somewhat better in that I now ofttimes say to myself, ‘Hey, what would BE the fun of thinking if it actually went anywhere.’”


Title of a new reality – no, wait, let’s change that, let’s just say – Title of a new book:  “The Weighty Freedom Of Not Wanting Anything.”


As the king and his spiritual advisors stood watchfully by: from the ashes there arose – a mighty cloud of ashes.


From one sleep
came all our dreams;

From one word –
the mental landscape.


Although they waited several thousand years, once the menu was read out, all the diners ran for their lives.