Tuesday - In Retrospect



A man with several ideas could be compared with several men with one idea; he may not care for your juxtaposition, but what’s he gonna do?


At any given moment, man’s intellectual, social affairs cannot withstand one additional ounce, nor one further inch, of scrutiny.


The power behind the throne is way behind the throne – no, I mean W-A-Y-Y behind the throne.


Over on another world, they have a new little religion that says, you can if you want to.


Dialogue Fragment, Son Of:

“In retrospect everything looks better.”
“That’s pretty well-used.”
“Okay, in retrospect everything looks worse.”
“Well, I know you’ve reversed it, but what’s to prove.”
“All right, in retrospect real reality
looks like it always did.  What the hell.”
“In retrospect, I wish I’d never started this.”