It's Raining Ducks Thursday

No one’s birthplace
remains idle,
or is ever retired
so long as you still think
neighborhood thoughts.


The most fertile balance of justice can be improved; a new organization has formed over in the City whose purpose is summed up in their rallying cry and slogan, “More Roughage For Ducks!”

(One upon a once, a kid asked the wise ole king, “Is it not a good thing, My Lord, that all those who ‘mean well’ can’t necessarily manage to do so.”  And his grace passed a mallard without so much as a, “How ‘ya do.”)


One ole guy told his nephew, “A man that won’t mispronounce a word, ain’t got nothin’ to say.”


One man sends the following message: “We’ve got a problem over here”; he doesn’t give his specific location; it’s not necessary.


The championship of real thought is ruthless…(“Thanks Be” to the gods and the squirrels.)