Q Earth

There is a place where all of man’s “Serious, Important Statements” are kept; other than relatives, few people seek access.


Door to door throughout the neighborhood, the young man trod, saying he was trying to collect up enough consternation to go into the ministry.


During a brief lull in the park proceedings, one would-be philosopher climbed up on a bench and remarked, “Do you really believe it’s mere coincidence that the letter ‘Q’ and planet ‘Earth’ are almost the same shape?”


Only an unnaturally
ordered mind
can properly discern
the apparent disorder
“out there.”


His demand was plain enough, “I wanna know,” said he, “what’s the fun in being sick if you know you’ll get well again?”  (No one in that department, on duty that day could answer him, although the Pathology-Recycling Lab was just down the hall.)