Victory Song

Over in another western universe a god, saying he’d been “favorably impacted” by his creatures’ notion of consumer rights decided to initiate a program of “honesty in advertising” and began by telling all his little beings that prayer won’t do ‘em any good…leastwise, not in the way they think.



This note from a viewer:

“Dear Sir:  I’ll get right to the point:  How does one tell if one IS indeed ‘thinking more than one has to?’  Yours Sincerely, etc.”

My yes, and this deserves a response equally to the point:  When one ‘thinks more than one has to,’ one feels an oxymoronical warmth and joy in one’s old, otherwise cold thinking faculties.


In his continuing, though constant attempt, this one guy stood in front of a mirror and said, “I believe next week I’ll become sixty-eight and walk with a limp.”


Latest Unregistered Law Of Reality (covers all sciences):

There is no such thing as sincerity. For those of you who weren’t here for Thursday’s class, we’ll repeat the background principle on which this is based:  No one thing exists unless there is a non-existent counterpart.  (And in this instance, there is no such thing as “non-sincerity.”) That is all.


This one team
had a great victory song;
they never had any victories,
but they had a
helluva victory song.