Football Weekend

The Quarterback:  “Everybody’s SOME body’s left-over’s.”
The Tight End:      “Does this include thought?”
The Quarterback:   “Especially thought.”

(The referee whistled, signaled, and announced, “Definition, third and seven:  Human Intelligence:  The garbage that LIVES.”)


One guy (with a gleam or “something” in his eye) – anyway – one guy says he’s now firmly convinced that complaining to himself doesn’t do any good.  (Warning; he says he’s “looking for new faces.”)


This kinda stuff does not deal in satire, sarcasm, or irony, in that it does not say that any specifics are amiss, but rather that EVERY thing is amiss in the sense that dreams cannot be fulfilled without pathological results.


On one particularly “health minded” world, they have a legend that says that once, long ago, god told their universe to, “Bend over and cough.”


Another viewer writes to say that he’s not ever going to write to me again…(In a “P.S.” he adds that it wasn’t him who wrote me in the first place.)