Acts of Mercy

A varied viewer writes to claim that he’s now ready to freely admit that, “Chatting with himself has been QUITE an experience.”

On this one planet, if you say you’re feeling bad you have to prove it, and it’s being turned into a parking lot.

Unbeknownst to his reading public, every third novel from the pen of this one author was actually almost fiction.

(The Motivating Statement):  “Only apocryphal tales survive.”
(Then a reader responds):  “And if indeed,” says he, “That be so – why IS it so?”
“And that Dear Brutus, if indeed Brutus IS your name, should be self-evident, and ob-vee-o-so.”

Our Quote Of The Day comes to us from Mr. So-And-So, of Here-And-There place, (and it says), “Inasmuch as I have yet to commit suicide, I look upon all that I do for me as acts of mercy.”