Thursday Correspondence

From our audience comes this letter:
“I have been reading The Daily News for some time now, and I don’t understand what you’re talking about, and if I did I still wouldn’t like it.”  Yours, et cetra.

One kid remained the ole man’s kid only during daylight hours…(ergo, the enforced curfews in some neural regions.)

Not to worry, (Sir or Madam who may temporarily feel “out of place”), when your time is up SOME one will let you know.

While on a school tour of the palace, the kids unexpectedly ran into the king, and as he stopped a moment to chat-&-pat, one of the nippers asked him how the prospects looked for employment in his line of work, and His Grace glanced at the window toward the moat and replied, “One thing about the ruling game, my lad – there’s ALWAYS room at the bottom.”  (Later that evening one of the children experienced a severe chill of the hypothalamus.)\


A complaint without sweat ain’t worth considering.