One Time View

The title of one guy’s brain was, “Hey, Who Do You Think You Are?”

The ordinary
only get
a one time view.

One guy used to stand at his back door and watch the squirrels…that is, until he began to suspect that they were watching him.

The things most efficient
are the things to first be
criticized and condemned.

Straightening up his back, this one fellow said, “If it weren’t for the number three, everything else in the world would run together.”  And a chap next to him at the bar, at the expensive, mahogany table of scientists, replied, “Nay, nay, dear chap, if it weren’t for the number three, one of the first two possibilities would have long ago proven finally sufficient for the needs and pleasure of man.”  (There was a third guy standing there during all this, but he was afraid to say anything.)