One Question

One man offered to provide the king with moral interpretations of his military actions, and to spell out the spiritual ramifications of his domestic political policies; His Grace declined the kind offer.

Each morning immediately preceding the serving of the collective oatmeal, this one father would gather his thoughts – I mean his – family -  about the communal table and as each tried to both look at one another and ALSO not do so, he would lead them in this anthem:
“The sweetest things I’ve ever said, remain the things still in my head.”

A viewer writes to say
that he has only one question.

After being introduced, if he was asked, “What do you do?” this one upstart would reply, “Off-shore racing.”  (And if he REALLY liked his new acquaintance he would add, “With OUT a boat.”)

Over near one older part of town, is a man who says he now doubts that squirrels are actually rodents, and he further believes it was the squirrels themselves who, for their own reasons, originally put out this dis-information.  (No squirrels returned our calls, or would comment on this allegation.)