Special Clothes

To promote its progressive policies, one kingdom advertised itself as the place where “Leniency is swift.”

Over in the inventor’s shed Professor Pop-Up says he’s working on a “brain amplifier”; or he adds, it could turn out to be an instrument to convert human thought into a digital base, to what purpose he cannot say, but – hey, “When the potential is there you gotta go with it.”  (He also says he’s tired of being called a “mad scientist” because he’s more mad than scientist.)

Another neural fashion note:
You can’t be king
without wearing special clothes;
royal thought requires
distinctive dress.

Up in the misty mountains where they still believe in such things, some say the only defense against Wagner is to wear a comedian around your neck.

Poster on a pole just outside the City:
“The Immaculate Conception Is Coming To Your Town…
(Well, It Might If You Let It) – All Seats Reserved.”