Low Impact Thinking

A flurry of activity
can certainly hide
the lack of same.


There was a man in your town who, whenever returning home, just before he got there, would “shout out” just to give himself fair warning.


For some reason, he was suddenly overcome with the desire to try and show the kid that life could be less exacting than he was being taught by the usual sources.  So he told him, “You can take the most complex of human endeavors, and approach them from directions so simple, so direct, that no one ever bothers to notice, or use them.  For instance, the matter of ‘fame,’ just consider this:  If you tell enough people you’re famous, and enough of them believe you – Voila, you’re famous!”  (Later, in private, this kid told me that sometimes his ole man’s ideas scare the shit out of him.)


Over in another City, the latest fad going all around is, “low impact thinking,” (they’ve actually been doing it a long time, just never had a name for it before.)


Just as they were about ready to land, this one pilot – just a joke – would ofttimes announce, “We’re about ready to land.”