Laying blame at institutional feet lets EVERY one off the hook…(except that, from a revolutionist view, no one was on the hook to begin with.)


One other man says for us not to worry about him, that he’s pretty sure now that he’ll die happy, just as soon as he learns to live happy.  (No, don’t look at me , YOU ask him.)


There are places where unicorns and dinosaurs still roam.  Hey, what you lookin’ at THERE for?


You can’t be a city thinker
AND get to the point;
they’re mutually exclusive.

In the flash of the moment, the ole man told the kid, “You could look on it like this:  First, everything was ‘real,’ then that wasn’t enough, so everybody began pretending, and soon pretending became so real they forgot what it was and IT became real, but then THAT wasn’t enough, and I think you can take it from there.