Coffee Brain

This one chap claims, “All it takes to present oneself as a ‘brilliant mind’ is a glib tongue, glasses and excuses specific to your area of expertise.


From the City air waves, another Overheard Dialogue Fragment:

“The cold, bright light of day is of little pertinence at midnight.”

“Hey, are you trying to give me the blues?”

“Oh, is that what you call that?”


As long as you believe that explanations might, or might not, ever explain anything, then that’s what you’re stuck with.


Line overheard over at the college coffee brain – I mean, shop: “How do they expect me to ever be a poet when nothing ever goes wrong!”


If you are the only man in the kingdom with a dragon, you may house him wherever you like on your property with no concern for zoning restrictions.  (It has been formally announced, the official Theme Song of the International Hermits Union shall be, “Ah, ‘Tis Good To Be Alone.”)