Holiday Edition

If the only thing you can write about is your area of expertise, then you’re an expert.  (Congratulations and welcome to the firm.)



Over in one metro-reality, a man was close to becoming an artist – but alas, he started talking about it.



When the question of the first down is a matter of inches, or of miles – everyone can be a referee.  (In fact, within such a range, everyone must be.)



He said he thought nature was “okay” until he began to suspect that the squirrels were laughing at him.



“It’s a good thing all electricity is fungible,” said the first guy.  “Naw,” replied his friend, “It’s a good thing that all ideas are interchangeable.”  Either way,” chimed in a third bud, “If things weren’t that way, we’d all be intellectual blanks, in prison for plagiarism, sittin’ in the dark.”